Bayreuth Tigers: This game is on the schedule for the people of Wagnerstatt

Die Bayreuth Tigers treffen am Wochenende auf Kassel und Ravensburg. Foto: Karo Vögel

Announcement from March 26: Kasel and Rensburg on the Bayreuth Tigers schedule

Firstly, Hesse’s visit is on the schedule for the Bayreuthers on Friday, where at 7.30pm you will meet the current class leader and table leader, Kassel Huskies.

Bayreuth Tigers visit leaders in Kassel

In the three matches played so far, the Bayreuth Tigers have always played well and – in at least two matches – rocked the husbands. In January of this year only the game at Kasel was clear with a 6: 2 result. The fact that Kasal currently has double points as the Tigers with 98 points was not only indicated in the games, but the result is clear in the table with first and last place.

Three games – three times in the lead – three times Kessel closed the sack!

On 29 November 2020, the Bayreuth Tigers’ lead in the game lasted 31 seconds before the final whistle was played, before Cameron scored and then you had to settle for just one point after extra time.

The Bayreuth Tigers’ lead in the game lasted until 21 at the middle of the game on January 10, 21, before Kisel hit back and scored five more goals and Cornet was celebrated as the match winner with three goals.

In the game on 02/18/21, the Bayreuth Tigers’ lead lasted until the 47th minute of the game, before Cameron – who scored two goals this time – had to concede and again leave the ice with just one point – one. Post-penalty shootout.

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Kassel with problems in majority game

Led by Ryon Moser and Troy Rutkowski – after Kurt Davis, the second-best defender in the league – the Hawkeyes squad has 17 players with double-digit yields. This is what makes Kassel the top team they are currently representing. With many strong employees at all positions, it is also much easier to compensate for failures than the competition. There are also two targets, Hungercare and Kuhn, who are among the best guardians in the league with values ​​of over 91% and a 93% catch rate.

Surprisingly, when you talk of the outbird game, you are not one of the top teams, but only ahead of the Tigers in 11th place. In contrast, Hessian excelled in penalty kills and accounted for 84.1% of all outbarned games from respective opponents as the best team in the league rankings.

Bayreuth Tigers receive Ravensburg Towerstar on Sunday

On Sunday, the Ravensburg Towerstar will be played at home in the tiger cage at 5 pm, against which they have a positive record this season. The first match was lost in Ravensburg, but – because after the penalty shootout – one could still secure a point.

In January, he threw in the Tigers’ cage after 3: 1, with Tyler Groan tying a brace, a smooth win and an overtime success in February after Upper Franconia got two points, which Davis scored for 20 seconds of extra play. Achieved after. .

Nearly “already the usual suspects”, namely Czarnik, Pompei and Driendl, are again among the stars of this season’s Tower, from whom the greatest danger emanates. Along with Zucker, Henrien or Bettauer you have other players who have spoken. Perhaps a little more could have been expected from the ex-national player Hospelt, who was dropped from Delhi and who is currently in the middle of the internal scorer list with 19 points.

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With Olafer Schmidt and Jonas Langman, two shots are placed at stake, giving Schmidt little advantage here. With a catch quota around 90% you feel that you are well positioned. Light and Shadow can be seen on special teams as far as the demand for gaming citizens is concerned. So you hit a nice penalty with an 83.3 success rate, but “only” at the top of the league in the power play with 18.4% trailing.

Tigers groan back in Tigers roster

Tiger, who sees himself recovering from the final rather negative experiences, will try to knock the buck a bit again to bring about a worthy season finale for the tableau. A little relief can be said about the squad. Hence Tyler Groan returned to the lineup. However, there is a big question mark behind the use of final guards Carlson and Shug, so it is assumed that both will still be missing over the weekend.

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