The half-brother of her children: Stephanie of Monaco celebrated without him

The half-brother of her children: Stephanie of Monaco celebrated without him

Updated 11/25/2022 at 8:33 pm

  • Stephanie of Monaco appears at public events with her children.
  • However, the stepbrothers of her two children with Daniel Ducruet have never been seen on these.
  • So Pauline and Louis Ducruet have to make do without him.

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Stephanie of Monaco appeared with her children Camille Gottlieb, Pauline Ducruet and Louis Ducruet on Monegasque’s National Day. Although the family is known to be very close, such ceremonies usually take place without Pauline and Louis’ half-brother, Michel Ducruet.

Whenever the royals gather for holidays or weddings, there is no trace of them. There’s a simple reason: she’s not related to Monegasque royalty. Nevertheless, Pauline, Louis and Michel Ducruet have the same father. Prince Albert’s younger sister was married to Daniel Ducruet for several years in the 1990s. He is her former bodyguard.

In January 2020, the father-son team was represented at an official event. Michael and Daniel Ducruet watch the first Fight AIDS Cup, a charity football match, during the Monte Carlo International Circus Festival. The event was organized by half-brother Louis Ducruet, who is soon to make his mother a grandmother.

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Who is Michael Ducrut?

Michael Ducruet has a public profile on Instagram. As it can be seen from this he married Corelli Bruno in September 2022. married at city hall Monaco Instead.

Also, Pauline and Louis’s half-brother is busy getting his private pilot’s license. He graduated from the Republican Guard in October 2021. There he provides insight into the French police association, the Gendarmerie Nationale, which reports to the French Ministry of Defence.
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Charlene from Monaco is back this year. In her appearance on the national holiday, the princess exudes pure elegance with her stylish look. Her smile also showed how happy the 44-year-old would be to be there again on this day. © ProSiebenSat.1

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