“I suffered a lot”: Daggy B. Dissatisfied with the gynecologist

"I suffered a lot": Daggy B. Dissatisfied with the gynecologist

Dagi Bee (26) Totally disappointed! Last August, the YouTuber and her husband announced Eugene Kazakov (27) The sweet news that they are becoming parents for the first time. Since the announcement, the influencer has been regularly keeping his community online of her pregnancy To participate In doing so, she doesn’t shy away from her words – and shows that not everything always happens to her either. given now Yes A new update on the state of her health – and complained about it to her gynecologist!

in your instagram-Story reported back to the 26-year-old after visiting his doctor. “Today I’ve reached a point where I thought: No, I’ll never enter this practice again,” she said. Office-hour help has always been quite unfriendly to her – but one action from her doctor broke the barrel today. “I’ve done a lot, I’ve suffered a lot – but now I don’t feel like it”posing Yes Obvious. However, what actually happened, she remained confined to herself.

The entrepreneur himself could not understand why he was being treated like this. “Actually you should always come out of gynecological practice with a good feeling, but today when we left the practice, I also had tears in my eyes with anger”, said Yes. So, for web fame it is now certain that they will definitely look for a new gynecologist.

Eugene Kazakov and Dagi B in August 2021
Dagi Bee in January 2021
Dagi B and Eugene Kazakov in July 2021
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