“I Find It Almost Outrageous” – Maltster’s Ego Attack On “Kitchen Impossible”

"I Find It Almost Outrageous" - Maltster's Ego Attack On "Kitchen Impossible"

Pizza Breakdown in the Battle of the Generations of “Kitchen Impossible” (VOX)!

There was a very special match between father and son on Sunday evening. In a culinary exchange of blows, Tim Malzer (51) competed in a team with restaurateur Sepp Schellhorn (54). Your Opponents: The Healthy Boy Band Cooking Collective consisting of Philip Ratchinger (33), Lukas Mraz (31) and Felix Shellhorn – the son of Sepp Shellhorn.

Tim Malzer competes against Lucas Mraz, Felix Schellhorn and Philip RatchingerPhoto: RTL/Endemol Shine

You’ve rarely seen a TV chef so angry! When an allegedly unholy pizza was served to delicatessen duo Malzer-Schelhorn in Denmark, Malzer murmured: “Wow, I’m not in the mood for that!” He even scolded: “I find it almost insulting.”

Malzer’s problem: He liked to prove his skills at upscale gastronomy. Stupid fast food? Totally below his dignity!

Malzer does not like the work – instead of culinary highlights there are fits of arrogance and bad mood. Team member Shellhorn also claimed: “We’ll come from where they want to go.” You would think… because the undertaking was much more demanding than expected.

Mlzer and Schellhorn totally screwed up their pizza task

Mlzer and Schellhorn totally screwed up their pizza taskPhoto: RTL/Endemol Shine

Pizza Planlos in Copenhagen: No fluff – they just didn’t get the job done! Because although they also followed two different recipe approaches, Shellhorn and Malzer failed because of the dough.

To stay as close to the original as possible, he prepared a sourdough the evening before – and misjudged the composition terribly. Additional Challenge: They had to bake the pizza in a traditional log-fire oven, which is very difficult to heat. Niyati style had lit firecrackers instead of fluffy clay.

The pizza was equally bad for the test eaters. Only 3.9 points – extremely low for Maltster standards. The TV chef understands: “We delivered crispbread with broccoli and shitty bratwurst.”

The young beat the old: Despite facing Michelin-starred delicacies, the healthy boy band came in at the top 12-9 overall. Great win for Cooking Collective.

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