Elon Musk considers his own social network: “think seriously”

Elon Musk considers his own social network: "think seriously"

Tesla Boss wants to compete with platforms like Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Musk recently criticized Twitter in particular for violating freedom of expression.

Tesla Boss Elon Musk Is considering launching a new social media platform. “I am seriously considering this,” the billionaire wrote on the short message service on Sunday Twitter, He was replying to a question from a Twitter user.

Musk asked if he would consider building a social media platform that uses an open-source algorithm and emphasizes freedom of expression while keeping propaganda to a minimum.

Musk, who himself spends a lot of time on Twitter and has over 79 million followers there, has recently been critical of the social media platform. The company undermines democracy by not following the principles of freedom of expression.

Even Donald Trump Tried It From His Platform

Musk’s push comes a day after he released a Twitter poll. In this, he asked users whether they believed that Twitter adheres to the principle of freedom of expression. 70 percent answered “no”. “The results of this poll will be important,” Musk wrote on Friday. “Please vote carefully.”

There have already been several attempts to use established platforms such as Twitter. Facebook And to compete with Google’s YouTube – so far without much success. neither the former president Donald Trump Established”true social“Neither Twitter Competitors gettrow And parlor Or the video website Rumble has just moved closer to reaching the reach and popularity of established providers.

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