Argentina: Protest Against Ore Mining In Chubut

Argentina: Protest Against Ore Mining In Chubut

Buenos Aires et al. The Argentine population once again protested against the plan of mining in the southern province of Chabut. Several thousand people gathered for the first time on February 4 in various cities and provinces to assert themselves against resource-intensive mining projects under “there is more water than gold”.

In the city of Trelew, Chubut, protesters blocked a central access road, including Buenos Aires, Entre Rios, San Luis and ParanĂ¡. Opposes.

The opportunity was to announce an extraordinary meeting by the provincial government Bill number 128/20 Which will make ore mining possible in the first place.

In the run-up it was considered certain that a majority of 14 out of 27 MPs would result in a vote. In January, Argentine President Alberto Fernandez called on his supporter and the governor of the province of Chaubat, Mariano Arcioni, to promote the approval of the area for ore mining. Apparently during protests pulled Now some MPs have withdrawn their approval and the session has been held for an indefinite time. Postponed. The Clarins newspaper reported on Friday that former President Christina Kirchner asked her party MPs in Chubut AskedPostponement of vote due to social unrest. National senators will be elected this year in Chubut.

The controversial draft law provides for the amendment of existing law 5001. It has been in force since 2003 and prohibits open-air mining and cyanide use in the province. Thus it mainly affects ore mining. The first gathering of residents took place in 2002: in the small town of Essel, when a large mining project was planned just six kilometers from the city.

Cyanide should be used to extract gold, a highly toxic solution that has been making negative headlines around the world for decades. After violent social protest, Law 5001 was introduced. Since then, the mining lobby has been increasing pressure to change the law to make gold and silver mining possible.

For over 18 years Formed Regulars oppose similar projects. In 2003, 82 percent of people in Chabut voted against mining in a referendum. There is a high level of awareness of the impacts of ore mining on the environment and water resources. The final dispute over the approval of mining activities broke out in December 2020 (report of amerika21).

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Today’s Governor Mariano Arioni was against such big projects in his province less than three years ago in his election campaign pronounced.

A few weeks after his election victory in October 2019, Fernandez Frante de Todos, president of the Peronist center-left coalition, met with the Argentine trade union AEA and Has been named Mining as a “priority issue” for the nation’s economy. Lithium metals should be mined in Jujuy province and in Mendoza and Chubut provinces. “We can now mine gold and silver in the Chaubat plateau. We have property and we must open ourselves to the world for intelligence,” Said He in a speech for entrepreneurs.

In the same month the Regional Parliament in Mendoza repealed the Water Conservation Act 7722 in an expeditious process. Solved Thus violent protests in the population. Individual departments and wine queens in the region announced that they would cancel the annual wine festivals in protest and thus jeopardize tourism-related events. After all took The Senate returned the reform (report of amerika21).

After public disapproval in Mendoza, the focus of economic development of natural resources continued to shift to Chabut province. Apart from gold and silver, lead and uranium are found here. Local politicians see the reserve as an opportunity to attract multi-million dollar investment in the region, create jobs and significantly improve infrastructure between small settlements and urban centers.

Most advanced project ever Its going on Named “Navyade” and belongs to Canadian Pan American Silver. this Gilt As the largest undeveloped silver deposit in the world. The company’s website states, “Our activities for Naveed are currently focused on an investment plan that aims to meet the necessary legal requirements.” A person “wants to contribute to the economic and social development of the platform when a positive legal framework is created.”

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