Eve separation for good? Chris has “Averys” tattooed!

Eve separation for good?  Chris has "Averys" tattooed!

Chris Broy is with Evanthia Bennettou (29) apparently ended once and for all! Although two former summer house of stars– Residents expecting a baby together decided to go their separate ways a few weeks ago. Since then they have been making serious allegations against each other online. last claimed Chris, Eva. from wrong way Has been done. Now it finally seems old enough Single-Finalists must have: He had his joint tattoo covered!

In its instagramstory shown Chris Now his recent visit to the tattoo artist is the result. this year Reality Stars BattleA large black cross was pierced on the participant’s right forearm – right in the spot previously adorned with the words “Avris”. from that word composition outside Chris‘Of the name and its former, nothing is left of it now.

Eva once got the word “Avris” tattooed all over herself, but not on her forearm, but on the inside of her upper arm. whether the former promi big brother-The participant wants to have a tattoo, it is not yet known. In late May – after more than a month of separation – the writing on one of them was at least quite noticeable. instagram– Identify the posting.

Chris Bryce PartnerTattoo Mit Eva
Chris Broy in June 2021

Instagram / Evanthiabeneteau

Evanthia Beneteau Im Mai 2021
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