This is why Jonah Szczewenko was single in her victory

This is why Jonah Szczewenko was single in her victory

06. June 2021 – 20:15 watch

Tanja Szczewenko’s amniotic sac burst at the site!

Joanna Szczewenko hears her name while deciding on the “Let’s Dance – Kids” finale. with him Tanzpartner Tizio Tiago Dominguez da Silva (10) She wins the very first children’s cup. It was her dream from the start – and she made it come true! Despite the great happiness of 10-year-olds, it is worth noting that his parents are not happy with him. Unlike the previous shows, Jonah has no family support in the finale. And there is a very special reason for this. Shortly before the show, pregnant Tanja Szczewenko’s water suddenly burst. Twins on March! In the video above, we show how Tanja experienced the situation on-site.

Tanja Szewczenko’s Twins Were Born Premature – This Is How They Are Now

After Tanjas Szczewenko’s amniotic sac ruptures, Their twins Leo and Louis had to give birth by caesarean section six weeks early. after a few days in the hospital Ex- “Let’s Dance” candidate was allowed to do Then finally home with his sons in mid-May.

How turbulent is the life of a family of five at present, Read here. (For)

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