Who decides? Politics or Science?

Who decides?  Politics or Science?

In December 2019, news of a new viral disease in China reached the world. It soon becomes clear that politics around the world will depend on the expertise of doctors, epidemiologists and pharmacologists. Even in Germany you will find a previously unknown permanent presence in the media.

Epidemiologists Professor Christian Drosten and Professor Hendrik Streeck can serve as examples. Since then, even public political decisions on the pandemic have been attributed to potential whispers.

Eckhard Nagel, a professor at the University of Bayreuth and a former member of the German Ethics Council, says, “Science and politics have fundamentally independent functions, which have to be carefully separated, especially in the case of events such as an epidemic – on either side.” from.”

In social perception, a strict notion of responsibility in the respective areas of action enables orientation and credibility, says Nagel of the “Ärzte Zeitung” for the capital city congress.

Nagel will talk to experts on the topic “Doc – Science – Politics: How does the conversation work, how are decisions made, who is responsible?”. Also on board: Prof. Armin Nassehi (LMU Munich), Dr. Britta Siegmund (DFG), Dr. Pedram Emami (ÄK Hamburg) and Prof. Urban Visiting (Univ. Tübingen). (of)

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