Asetek SimSports Introduces the Invicta and Forte S Series


Asetek, recently announced the availability of the Asetek SimSports Invicta S-Series and Forte S-Series accelerator and brake pedal sets. Eat Now sim racer Maximum flexibility in mounting each gas and brake pedal to their sim rig, regardless of the performance and features of a premium Invicta or high-performance, premium Forte pedal set.

“We are thrilled with the response to our Invicta and Forte pedals and have heard the community’s desire for maximum freedom when mounting the pedals forward or reverse in their Sim rig,” said Andre Sloth Ericsson, CEO and founder of Assetc. “Now sim racers can choose between Original or Invicta and Forte S-Series pedal sets, which allow full customization of pedal placement. With all of our SimSports products our goal is to give sim racers the thrill and feel of a real race car and if we can personally offer our paddles to help achieve that goal.

  • that Assetc Invicta S Series Throttle and brake pedal set available now. THORP hydraulic simulation pedals are designed with the feel, durability and ease of use of a real race car in mind. Invicta S-Series pedal set with its own separate gas and brake pedals and customized RaceHub software is priced €756.99 without VAT Available.
  • that Assetc Forte S Series Gas and brake pedal set is now available. Forte S-Series pedals, including MLCPC Power Cell brakes, are extremely economical and offer the level of performance and quality of much more expensive solutions. Forte S-Series pedal set with separate gas and brake pedals and tailor-made for RaceHub software €462.99 excluding VAT Available.
  • If desired, owners of Forte S Series pedals can replace their pedals with Invicta THORP (Twin Hydraulic Opposed Rapid Piston) System Upgrade and replace Forte cleats with Invicta cleats for the ultimate race car experience. The Forte to Invicta pedal set upgrade kit will be available through Asetek dealers in 2023.
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