New Astro Bot? Team ASOBI is planning something big for the PlayStation 5

New Astro Bot?  Team ASOBI is planning something big for the PlayStation 5

Sony has a “Japan studio” to start the new year donated your name And later a new logo was also shown. studio Now called “Team ASOBI” And It is already actively looking for reinforcements.

What is planned? We don’t know yet, but the next project should be the studio’s biggest project to date. you have that Team ASOBI’s new website Reveal who went online and introduce the studio.


We are a new and dynamic PlayStation Studio based in vibrant Tokyo, Japan. We create high quality games for players of all ages on PlayStation. Our latest works are the critically acclaimed Astro Bot: Rescue Mission for PlayStation VR and Astro’s Playroom for PlayStation 5. We are currently working hard on our most ambitious game yet!

Our “Most Ambitious Game” ever

According to its own information, PlayStation Studio is working on its “most ambitious game” ever. There’s currently a VR title for the first VR glasses from Sony and Astro’s Playroom, a mini-tech demo of sorts for the PS5 controller.

Whatever the case, this tech demo convinced me and made me a fan of the Astro series. I hope it will be a full platform game. If so, Sony may be developing something like its own alternative to Mario games here. I guess Astro’s playroom doesn’t need to be hidden behind Super Mario’s.

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