Who is the mole? all safe

Who is the mole?  all safe

In Episode 5, Til enthralled the audience and the season 7 anticipation team of “The Masked Singer” with Blue’s ballad “Breathe Easy”—so much so that there was much excitement and even “Repeat!” shouted at the end. performance.

In the clip: Sesame sings “Breathe Easy” by Blue

Calls for “repeat” mole

Before the strong vocal performance, these clues were presented:

  • Mole has lost Mathias Opdenhovel’s autograph and is worried about how to explain it to his grandmother. When the phone rings, he wants to be truthful at first, but then he exclaims: “The rats ate the autograph!”
  • But it’s not her grandmother on the phone, it’s Tunnel TV, for whom Til is overjoyed to give an exclusive interview. “Today will be the hottest day,” remarks the mask. Burying “The Masked Singer” is the best thing ever to happen to him. “Here they also think I’m the greatest star ever.”
  • But the mole doesn’t need to sign multiple autographs just yet, just get another autograph from Mathias Opdenhovel.

Johannes Ording believes he knows the star under the mask and is an actor who can also sing. Daniel Donskoy is his tip.

Ruth Moschner revealed that she had received a video from the orc in which the mole could be seen and heard with Helen Fischer. Several past signs will match his perception, she explains. He took the name of actor Florian David Fitz.

Rie Garvey makes it short. He knows the voice and it’s Lee Ryan from the band Blue.

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These were the past appearances, suggestions and signs of the mole

Til “My Heart Will Go On” with Titanic Song:

Things the mole is not very good at include vision and orientation. Not for nothing he ended up on the wrong show stage in the wrong city. Because Til actually thought he was in Berlin with “The Voice of Germany”, he was eventually invited in person by moderator Thor Schöllermann.

In reality, however, the digger, who attached great importance to order in his underground cave, dug directly in front of the rate panel of “The Masked Singer” in Cologne.

“The Masked Singer” on stage instead of “The Voice”

The mole is otherwise well formed. He studied budology and passed his excavation diploma with distinction. But even without a pin, a large excavation can be done as to which direction it is going. Also Til has a talent for singing better than his understanding of direction.

The sweet digger can inspire the rate panel and the audience regularly with his voice and garner a lot of applause. In episode 3, Til also sings the Take That song “Relight My Fire” with Black Mamba and Goldie for the first time. After their performance of Celine Dion’s “My Heart Will Go On”, studio audiences also wanted an encore.

In episode 4, Til and Rosti perform a spectacular Italian mash-up of the songs “Felicita” (Al Bano and Romina Power) and “Serenata Rap” (Zovanotti). In their solo performance, Tunnel Digger also rocked the hit “Larger Than Life” by the Backstreet Boys.

But who sings behind the mole’s mask? Is this a professional singer? And is that star in the costume a little disoriented in real life too?

In circumstantial clip: Molly wants to talk to her grandmother

Who sings behind the mask of the beloved mole?

In addition, there are clues from the show, such as the mole’s clearly audible accent. The Salah team could not agree on which mother tongue the star could speak under the mask. English? American? Dutch? Finnish? Or the pronunciation is just fake, as Ruth Moschner or Ecko Fresh have guessed.

With his clue, Mole calls his grandmother several times. Is this an important clue? Also, in episode 3 Molly takes on the iron, which she clearly doesn’t do very well. And what is meant by a can of liverwurst that can be seen in a nutshell?

In episode 4, Til praises that his song sounds like fireworks. When his Mole Den threatens to collapse, Mole curses that he can’t always save the world. Clear evidence or misleading?

This is what the #MaskedSinger community types in the app

Various speculations are being made on the Internet and the JoynMe app. There are many names among the fan guesses which were also mentioned by the guessing teams in the live shows. Above all, current favorite Daniil Donskoy, who proudly accounts for 36% (as of October 28, 2022) of all tips in the JoyMe app.

The most voted guesses by app users are:

  • Daniil Donskoy
  • alvaro solar
  • Tim Bendzko
  • Mark Terenzik
  • Vincent Weiss
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The Advice team suspects these celebrities are the target – is it singer Vincent Weiss?

According to the hint and the supposedly mentioned songs “Fuerwork” (Vincent Weiss) and “Just Save the World” (Tim Bendzko), the mentioned celebrities of the advice team Ruth Moschner, Giovanni Zarrella and Stephanie Close are eliminated in Episode 4, but Other celebrities are also under suspicion, as are these:

  • Vincent Weiss
  • Tim Bendzko
  • oli pa
  • Robbie Williams
  • conchita wursto
  • Andreas Novak – drummer of Silbermond

In Episode 3, the names of the guessing team of Yvonne Caterfeld, Ross Antony, and Ruth Moschner are on the slip, but still not certain:

  • Daniil Donskoy
  • Edin Hasanovich
  • alvaro solar
  • Michael Patrick Kelly
  • callum scott
  • Taimur Bartels

At the second show, the RATE team featured Ruth Moschner, Caroline Kebacus, and Eko Fresh, to name a few:

  • Wayne Karpendel
  • conchita wursto
  • johannes ording
  • Daniil Donskoy

Based on evidence and appearances on Show 1 with the song “Holding Out for a Hero”, the rate panel estimated these stars:

  • Robbie Williams
  • Mark Terenzik
  • Shaham Joyce

But all these names may be replaced with new assumptions due to more evidence in the next show next week. Speaking of the next show: it culminates next Saturday, November 5th, 2022 at 8:15 pm, live streamed on ProSieben, live stream on prosieben.de and Joyon.

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