New mysterious metal pole metal Narnberger blot discovered in Canada

New mysterious metal pole metal Narnberger blot discovered in Canada
Mysterioser Metall-Monolith – Build: Utah Department of Public Safety

A mysterious metal pole found in a desert area of ​​the United States and similar to elsewhere has now been discovered near the city of Toronto, Canada. According to Canadian media, the four-meter-high monolith appeared on the outskirts of Toronto on Thursday. On Friday morning, the earlier bright pillar was painted red.

Many residents wanted to take a look at the column on Thursday and Friday. Others were concerned that a large crowd of curious visitors might encourage further spread of coronovirus. The Canadian government called for the population to stay home.

Similar columns were recently discovered in the cities of Vancouver and Winnipeg, Canada. Monoliths have previously appeared in Poland, Romania and the Netherlands. So far no one has claimed to have erected the pillars.

The discovery of the first monolith of this type in the US state of Utah in late November gave rise to wild and not always serious speculation on the Internet. Because the metal pillar was reminiscent of the monolith from Stanley Kubrick’s film “2001: A Space Odyssey”, fans of science fiction films said that the metal pillar was the work of aliens.

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