Ralph Siegel: After Another Cancer Diagnosis: “I Can Hardly Get Out Of Bed”

Ralph Siegel: After Another Cancer Diagnosis: "I Can Hardly Get Out Of Bed"

ralph seal (77) Has already been treated for prostate cancer twice in the past few years. In late October, the hit musician announced the sad news that he was fighting for the third time against cancer will have to be recorded. Metastases had already spread to the left shoulder. The 77-year-old again had to undergo seven weeks of painful radiation. In an interview with “Schlager.de” he has now revealed how he is coping with the side effects of cancer therapy and still fears for his life.

Ralph Siegel: This is how he feels after radiation

The music producer’s voice alone said a lot in a telephone interview with the hit portal. “I’m not doing so well,” said Ralph Siegel weakly, slowly and quietly. And for understandable reasons. “I’ve had 16 or 17 radiation treatments now. I have really serious side effects. It’s really bad in the morning. I can barely get out of bed,” he explained, broken and sore. In addition, the hit makers have a broken disc and a nerve disease Pain in feet “I always wake up at 1 or 2, then I go to the recording studio,” he described his routine.

Ralph Siegel will have to worry until Christmas

What worries Siegel most, however, is to see if the painful treatment really holds up. “The doctors will tell me on December 20 if I have made it. December 15 requires a big test. This is really bad. I hope the doctors will have a nice Christmas gift for me,” he chimed in. did.

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Giving up is out of the question for an ESC veteran. “I am genetically strong,” he continued. Although his father had also died of prostate cancer – and aged 61, he is reassured and holds hope from his brothers: “They are all over 90.”

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