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7 Days to End with You

7 days ending with you First published at the beginning of the year for Apple and Android mobile devices. A month later, Paranormal Adventure was also released for PC and should now be this winter but even Nintendo Switch to start. In the 7 days that ends with you, you find yourself in a conversation. It doesn’t sound particularly exciting at first – but you don’t understand a word of what your counterpart is saying. The language is completely unknown to you. So now you have to negotiate based on the reaction of your interlocutor and thus gradually understand the meaning of different words and story, which is spread over seven days. Depending on the answers you give, the encounter will be different and will take a different amount of time. 7 Days to End With You is a game for passionate puzzlers, fans of visual novels, and those who love to experiment. Below is the official trailer for the upcoming Nintendo Switch version.

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Does the concept of 7 days to end up with you convince you?

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