Sarah Engels shares bad traits — and asks her fans for advice

Sarah Engels shares bad traits — and asks her fans for advice

Sarah Engels is currently battling with mood swings, nausea and hair loss.Image: IMAGO Images/Revierfoto

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Sarah Engels is the mother of two children. While her son Alessio started school this year, she has only given birth to a daughter, Solia. Now the singer is struggling with unpleasant consequences, which is why she owns it too fan Asked for advice

Sarah Engels suffers from hair loss and nausea

Pregnancy and breastfeeding have a significant impact on a woman’s hormone levels. Many complaints from the beginning of one pregnancy or menopause, but can also occur severely after weaning.

In her Instagram Story, Sarah Engels opened up about what’s going on with her Body Power. She felt her “hormones all go awry.” After ten months of pregnancy and almost a year of breastfeeding, this is also evident, but she still notices “how fast it is falling now”.

Sarah Engels is suffering from hair loss.

Sarah Engels is suffering from hair loss. Image: screenshot/instagram/sarellax3

Her symptoms are mood swings, nausea, hair loss and fatigue, the singer explained:

“I’ve noticed my hair loss is real, down to mood swings, nausea, it’s really everything. Endless fatigue, I slept eleven hours today, if not twelve, that usually never happens to me.”

She wrote that until recently she believed that her hormones had long been controlled. However, that wasn’t the case, which is why she’s now asking for suggestions on how to “get things back on line.”

Advice sought from fans

However, Sarah probably isn’t looking for traditional tips, as she already follows some of them. Various guides recommend doing sports because endorphins and serotonin are released here. However, most complaints should go away completely on their own.

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On vacation with her husband Julian and their two children, however, she does. She has already done hiking, swimming, jogging and in the gym on the Canary Islands of Tenerife.

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