Heidi Klum: That’s what she appreciates about her GNTM finalist

Heidi Klum: That's what she appreciates about her GNTM finalist

Updated May 26, 2021 at 5:04 pm.

  • The grand finale of ‘Germany’s Next Top Model’ will be held on Thursday.
  • Heidi Klum has already revealed what she particularly appreciates about the finalists – her “Fantastic Four”.

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The grand finale of “Germany’s Next Top Model” will take place on 27 May. Four finalists Alex, Dascha, Romina, and Soline are currently preparing diligently for the big day and sometimes rehearse ten hours a day.

In a ProSieben interview, Heidi Klum has already given an insight into her world of ideas and revealed what she particularly appreciates about her “Fantastic Four”.

Alex showed confidence

Alex you are Klum Looked at it from the first second. Not because he played himself in the foreground, but because the 23-year-old introduced “a very special calm and a lot of confidence”.

“She manages the task of striking a balance between high fashion and commerce and you can see the joy and fire for this work in her eyes,” explains Klum.

Dasha “enjoys a lot of work”

Klum had long wanted a “model with strong curves” that brought a lot of confidence from the start. This is what she sees with Dasha, who stands out with her positive temperament: “Dasha really always comes to the set with a big smile and enjoys the work so much that she gets to see all the people around her. Infects her with happiness. Notice her that she will be no better than in front of the camera at this time. “

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Romina celebrates with her “seductive pout”

With its 1.68 meters, the Romina is the smallest model that Klum has ever taken in the finals. The 21-year-old will make up for it by her ideal qualities and her own way: “She is small and comes equipped with her loving ways, her well-trained body and her seductive pout.”

However, Romina not only “enthralled” the audience with her style, but also “above all her talent for modeling,” Klum explains.

Solin scored with his “strong personality”

Solin, the youngest in the group, scores with his “extremely strong personality”. You are not afraid to say your mind clearly, even if it offends you. Klum is particularly impressed that Soline doesn’t let anyone stop her from actually doing everything to make her dream come true.

But she also has a talent for modeling: “I love her unique walks, her poses, and her extraordinary looks. She is the most different, different from the crowd and I’m sure she is a long way off with it in the future Will do. “

“Germany’s Next Top Model” will conclude on May 27, 2021 at 8:15 pm (on ProSieben, on Joyn and in our ticker).

Heidi Klum usually keeps her children out of the public eye. Now, however, the supermodel has posted a snapshot showing her entire family on a shopping tour in Los Angeles. Whoever hopes to finally see the faces of Heidi’s children will once again be disappointed.

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