Sofia Thomla reacts coldly to middle finger on dating show

Sofia Thomla reacts coldly to middle finger on dating show

Sofia Thomalla was caught off guard with a clear gesture. Image: tvnow/screenshot

Middle finger gesture against Sofia Thomalla on dating show – presenter reacts calmly

Das Kuppelformat “Are You the One – Reality Stars In Love” is currently in its second season on TVNow. A total of 20 contestants are looking for their “perfect match” at a villa, but the prize money is only available when everyone finds their “right” partner. clearly at his job. fun In recent episodes, however, she has to deal with a rebellious candidate.

At the end of each double episode, the singles choose their ten perfect matches in a “matching night”, but this time the process didn’t go very smoothly. One participant lost his patience – luckily Thomalla had the correct answer ready.

Sophia Thomla strongly reprimanded the candidate

Former “Bachelorette” candidate Alex’s latest episode on “Are You the One – Reality Stars in Love” caused a sensation. When it comes to selection, his turn is relatively late, which he doesn’t like at all. “Are we here on the ramp left of Rudy?” He screamed, annoyed, and that was not enough – he sticks his middle finger to the presenter.

Sophia Thomala is shown the middle finger by Alex. Image: tvnow/screenshot

Sophia Thomalla, who apparently didn’t expect such a derailment at all, looks stunned at first, but then she quickly catches up and responds:

In the end, she even shows Alex the middle finger. And it’s so comical to understand that she puts nothing on the show. Meanwhile, the rest of the participants are laughing in the background, one of them even shouting in disbelief: “He didn’t do that!”

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“Are You The One” Candidate Goes For It Again

In retrospect, by the way, Alex again hurriedly commented on his action. He clarified in front of the RTL cameras: “I really just showed him that there’s something blue here on my finger.” So no trace of regret. However, it can be assumed that Thomala did not take the gesture personally anyway.


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Susanna Ohlen’s fake action created a lot of buzz. Reporter gave live report from flood area for RTL. In front of a live switch, he suddenly put his hands in the soil and got his clothes dirty. In doing so, she suggested to the audience that she was actively helping at this time. Someone filmed the scene on the site and later posted the footage online.

Susanna Ohlen, who also hosts the program “Guten Morgan Deutschland”, has apologized…

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