Bitter feeling in bachelor – that’s why Christina had to leave – TV

Bitter feeling in bachelor - that's why Christina had to leave - TV

hope dies Last…

Candidate Christina Nicolardi (27) had long dreamed of a future with a bachelor. And when it came to the cute brunette, Dominic Stuckman (30) really got in on the excitement. But now that their quest for great love is slowly straightening the house, the TV bachelor was plagued with doubts. In the end, much spoke out against the romantic lady of Munich.

In the current episode, five women were still hoping for his favor. And The Bachelor also had to admit: “To all the women who are still here, I’m already starting to build up feelings.” Before an encounter, he was particularly upset. His mother met the girls. She praised her son: “You have great taste.”

Dominic’s mother puts on glasses with her son and girls – Nelle, Chiara, Christina, Jana-Maria, Anna (from left)Photo: RTL

After the conversation, she really was a trend. “Nelle, Jana-Maria and Christina who would be best for you in terms of nature.” However, she did not know who she should send home. The Bachelor quickly decided against it and was the first to reject Chiara (24) from Cologne. Their reasoning: “Unfortunately, the spark didn’t go up.”

Rest of the girls can wait for single date with their dream man. Christina was invited for a walk in the city by a TV bachelor. About Dominic Bavarian: “I haven’t spent that much time with him, but I always have a great feeling when I’m around him.”

When Dominic jokingly suggested a partner tattoo, the two went hand in hand. When she was floating on cloud ninth, he swung her handbrake on. After the date, The Bachelor tried to explain the situation: “I have so many flashes of inspiration that always make me wonder where we are. Are we even reaching where I am with others?”

Time worked against it. Dominic also admitted: “Then you hold your nose and think like this: ‘Hopefully you didn’t date other women the wrong way.’ By the time the roses were given, they had made a decision. Christina got nothing. The iconic TV single didn’t have the last kick.

Christina (second right) didn't get a rose from Dominic - the spark didn't go up

Christina (second right) didn’t get a rose from Dominic – the spark didn’t go upPhoto: RTL

In Dominic’s words: “This tension, where I feel like my heart is beating fast and I want to see her every moment – I don’t feel this feeling so intensely with some other women.”

The 27-year-old didn’t shed tears after that. Her conclusion: “We reconciled well, but theoretically no emotion arose.”

Now only Anna (33), Jana-Maria (29) and Nele (28) can hope.

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