Dieter Nuhr gets a new show

Dieter Nuhr geht der Geschichte des Humors auf den Grund.

He is one of the most successful German-speaking comedy actors: Dietician. In a new show he goes on a journey through the history of humor.

fans of Dietician (60) Can Be Happy: The successful cabaret artist is getting a new show! The 60-year-old will host the pay-TV channel’s three-part series from April 1 Sky “A brief history of humor – with Dietician“I look forward to my journey through the history of humor to explain why and what makes people laugh,” Denudation At the station’s press conference on Monday. “The series has to throw a scientific light on humor,” says Sky Entertainment’s vice president. Christian Asper.

“Quatsch Comedy Club” is coming back

Nuhurs Engagement is part of aggressive for new entertainment Sky. As of April 1st, the pay-TV broadcaster is expanding its range to include two new station brands: “Crime” and “Comedy”. The famous “Quats Comedy Club” will also celebrate its return. “Humor has carried us through the dark times of the last few months. It has never been more important to bring humor to people,” the moderator happily said Thomas Herman (5 57). The show, which will be shown in dual episodes from 1 April at 9:25 pm, will be part of the show with old comedy hands, Bullant damping, Matt nope or Helen Brokhorst Some newcomers in stand-up comedy as well.

Along with the award-winning series “Shits Creek” (April 7 to 8:15 pm), the station is also adding a very special nod to its program. The Canadian sitcom, which could only be seen on pop TV, a relatively unknown pay-TV channel in the USA, won a total of nine Emmys last year – including all major comedy categories. Other international highlights include the successful British format “Spitting Image” (from 6 April) and new seasons of “Breeders”, “Avenue 5” and “Code 404”.

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How did the wirecard scandal happen?

Station highlights Sky The crime includes the documentary “Wirecard Scandal”, which will be shown on 13 May and which addresses one of the biggest company scandals in German financial history. The collapse of the Eschime company left an unbelievable debt of 3.2 billion euros Wirecard.

The series “Black Shades – Serial Murder in the Hospital” tells the story of nurse Niels Högel, who killed hundreds of people with syringes and thus became the biggest serial killer in German criminal history.

Along with Philip Fletcher, the broadcaster hired the mediator of the popular true crime podcast “Crime from the Next Door – True Crime from the Neighborhood”, which over the summer, in 2121 in a series of the same name, revived even more spectacular criminal cases from Germany. Will write from . The series “Evil for Evil – Between Law and Conscious” will illuminate criminal cases through the eyes of a criminal defense attorney over the summer. International products such as “The Wave” (1 April) or “The Mark of a Killer – Murderers and their Trademarks” (5 April) complete the offer.

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