Former Candidate Criticizes “Hobby Farmers” From RTL Show

Former Candidate Criticizes "Hobby Farmers" From RTL Show

“Bauer such Frau” audience favorite Günther Höffler did not find his great love on the show in 2014.screenshot

The 17th season of “Bauer Such Frau” is coming to an end and 2021 will be a happy ending for many farmers. In the Dome show, some couples have found each other again this year with the help of the Inca bows. For example Peter and Kerstin, who probably want to get to know each other better after the show and their farm week together. Bayern Inexplicably extended after the TV show. NS fan Guess Peter and Kerstin are now a couple.

And the former “Bauer Sucht Frau” candidates have their View For this year’s season.

“These are avid farmers”

In 2014, Günther Höfler had great hopes with “Bauer Sucht Frau”. Love, Unlike the “promiflash“He rated this year’s season. “I really thought there were a lot of young and cool guys this season. So it’s not a farmer cliché that they’ve been circulating on television for years.” Still, the Bavarian lacks authenticity. In his opinion, there are no real farmers this year:

“They’re not really farmers. They’re cattle ranchers or hobby farmers, but that has little to do with agriculture.”

Overall, Gunther was satisfied with the line-up this year. “No one was dragged in the mud, as is usually the case in such programs,” he said. The Bavarian emphasized that in the past often People Forgot behind it and it was only about quota.

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