In the “Television Garden” the audience laughs at the net

In the "Television Garden" the audience laughs at the net

In the latest “Fernsgarten” episode, the audience was mostly amazed by what was happening in the background. Instead of Andrea Kiwell, three men in the audience drew attention to their outfits.

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Greetings at Sunday Lunch Andrea Keewell Many Artists Like Again on Mainz Laurchenberg Ross Antonyhandjob Jimmy Blue Ochsenknecht Or Cassandra Stein. But many spectators were allowed to participate in a live “television garden” on site in compliance with the coronavirus measures.

Wrapped in raincoats, they could closely see what was happening. While Andrea Kiwell opted for a coat in a strong pink, most wore jackets in muted colors. However, a group of three men got completely out of line – and it made people on the net laugh.

“Background is always the best thing about TV Garden”

Three gentlemen, who had faded at the start of the show, signed up for their journey.”ZDF Television Garden“Thrown in great shape. Guests opted for three colorful, but actually very unusual looks.

One of them was wearing an oversized silver jacket, the other a bright Hawaiian shirt. The trio donned orange and pink swim trunks over their jeans. For example, one user on Twitter commented, “The background about ‘TV Garden’ is always the best.” It is usually the presenter who creates a stir in the show with his looks.

“The smartest of the three gentlemen”

The spectators at home in front of the screen were especially pleased with the glasses that almost completely covered the men’s faces. “The smartest of the three gentlemen: put on secret glasses, then you will not recognize them,” joked someone.

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“ZDF TV Garden” has been enthralling audiences for over 35 years, drawing millions of viewers in front of the screens every Sunday. The family show, which has been moderated by Andrea Kiwell for more than 20 years, is especially popular with the elderly.

But the ZDF show is also attracting more and more young fans. But the audience might not want to accept it right now. This year’s “TV Garden” season runs through the end of September, when there’s a big party for the 35th anniversary.

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