plastic car tyres? New strategy in Continental

plastic car tyres?  New strategy in Continental

Is this how the new fixture drives? Tire maker Continental says it plans to make tires from recycled PET bottles by 2022. PET stands for polyethylene terephthalate and is a plastic from the polyester family. According to Continental, the polyester yarn needed for tire production is obtained from PET bottles using a mechanical process and is used in the manufacture of tire carcass.

In collaboration with fiber specialist OTIZ, the tire manufacturer has previously developed a special technology to recycle PET bottles without the necessary chemical intermediate steps and to functionalize polyester yarns for the high mechanical requirements of tyres.

“As early as 2022, we will be able to use materials derived from recycled PET bottles in tire production. In our innovative recycling process, the fiber is broken down into its components without the material being recycled PET before,” says Dr. Andreas Top, responsible for materials, process development and industrialization in Continental’s tires division. 60 PET bottles are said to be enough for a full set of tyres.

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