Edeka draws the line! 330 branches affected

Edeka draws the line!  330 branches affected

Edeka draws the line! 330 branches affected

Edeka: the success story of the supermarket chain

Edeka: the success story of the supermarket chain

Edeka Group is the largest supermarket chain in Germany. Edeka AG & Co. KG was founded in Leipzig in 1907. Today it is headquartered in Hamburg.

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running after 40 years edka One last line!

edka Discontinues its own discounter. In particular, it is about the NP series, which is especially popular in northern Germany.

Edeka: The end of NP markets

According to “Nordbayern”, Edeka no longer sees a future for 330 branches. So it’s over now.


This is Edeka:

  • Edeka was founded in Leipzig in 1907.
  • what does edka mean Ipurchase co-operative meaningHe Kcolonial goods merchant
  • Edeka is headquartered in Hamburg.
  • Turnover: 61 billion euros (2020)
  • Edeka employs 402,000 people (as of 2020)


Edeka: Only Edeka and Nah and Gut branches by the end of 2026

However, regular customers of the affected branches need not worry about standing in front of closed doors in future. Because the purchase co-operative society already has new plans and it is said that they have already started implementing them. Because by the end of 2026, Edeka wants to convert NP markets into Edeka branches or Nah and Gut markets.

According to “Nordbayern”, this has already happened with several branches, such as the first NP branch in Osnabrück since 1973. It is now said to have been converted into Nah and Gut Bazaar.

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More edka-Subject:

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Edeka: New coat of paint and expansion of range

For this change, the branches have been given a fresh coat of paint. Furthermore, according toNorth Bavaria“The range has been expanded. (Ali)

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