Duel broke out between police dog and suspect

Duel broke out between police dog and suspect

In Canada, the police dog Mando supports his accomplices in the arrest. A suspect bit him. The receipt immediately follows.

in short needed

  • Mando has been bitten by a suspect in Vancouver.
  • Police dog bites back – man has to go to the hospital.
  • Human bites are charged with a number of crimes.

A man created a furore in the Canadian city of Vancouver. The 32-year-old threatens several people and steps on the doorsteps of residents of a social housing complex.

The police leave after five in the morning. When law enforcement officers arrive, the man runs away. After a while the officers made him stand on the road.

He is protesting. Police dog Mando supports arrest – but man bites!

Have you ever encountered a police dog?

Dog and suspect injured in a fight to bite

The four-legged friend bites back. Then the police manage to handcuff them. As can be seen in the media release, both bite opponents have wounds.

The man has to be taken to the hospital. Mando himself is slightly injured. There are various charges against the accused.

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