WWE Friday Night SmackDown #1210 Results and Reports from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada on 09/30/2022 (including polls and video)

WWE Friday Night SmackDown #1145 Results and Reports from 07/30/2021 from Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA (including video and polling)

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World Wrestling Entertainment “Friday Night SmackDown #1210”
Location: Canada Life Center in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Date: 30 September 2022
Audience: About 8,800

Today’s edition of “SmackDown” begins with spectacular fireworks. Michael Cole greeted the audience and the first match of the evening started straight away without any preliminary promo!

1. Match
tag team match
After Spinning Solo (Euranage), Sami Zayn and Solo Sequoia defeated Ricochet and Madcap Moss on Madcap Moss via pin by Solo Sequoia.
Match Time: 12:34

After the match is over, Zayn makes fun of the loser Madcap Moss. He was able to recover and has heard a lot from Canadians. He holds on to Honorary Bloodline until Solo Sequoia attacks him. In the end, Zayn must stop Sequoia’s attack.

As Michael Cole promotes the “Royal Rumble 2023” ticket sales as the largest day-1 crowd of all “Royal Rumble” events, the switch is made to the backstage area. There, Zayn and Sequoia are headed to the Bloodline locker room. Jay lets Uso into his brother’s room, but he stops Zayn. He makes it clear that he will not fall for Zain’s seduction and will kick her out if he harms his family. Sami replies that he doesn’t need to worry about it and that he should talk to Roman Reigns, who will tell him that he is part of Bloodline. The segment ends with Zain going to the locker room.

A video promo of Carrion Cross and Scarlett is played. Cross opens up about the actions taken against Drew McIntyre that resulted in Scott being hospitalized. It was just a foreboding and he would end it with “Extreme Rules”. Cross is already eyeing his next target – the undisputed WWE Championship.

The Austin Theory is interviewed by Kayla Braxton backstage. Braxton addressed Theory’s previous failures to successfully cash in on the Money in the Bank case. The theory counters that Brock Lesnar and Tyson Fury are to blame for the failed cash-in. On “Clash at the Castle” Drew McIntyre showed how stupid he was. Scott was also stupid enough to fight a strap match against Carrion Cross. Drew taps Theory on the shoulder and tells him that they are going to match against each other. and now.

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2. Match
singles match
Drew McIntyre defeated Austin Theory (w/ Alpha Academy: Chad Gable and Otis) via DQ after Alpha Academy interfered in the match.
Match Time: 01:55

After the match, Drew McIntyre was hit with a heel before Kevin Owens and Johnny Gargano made the save. In the end, Otis takes superkicks from Owens and Gargano, as well as a Glasgow kiss from McIntyre. A 6 man tag team match between the parties will be announced as the main event.

Backstage, maximum male models (Mansoor and Mays) apologized to Max Dupree for disappointing him over the past week. They promise him that today they will get the title. Dupree is excited that he has a title match against The Usos. However, both tell him that the tag team that can hold the longest pose will win the title. Dupree heard enough and disappeared. Then Hit Ro (Ashante “te Adonis, Top Dole and B-Fab) comes in and makes fun of the maximum number of male models.

Backstage, Shotji Damage is doing a promo about CTRL. She is fed up with the group and wants to beat Bayley today.

tag team match
Hit Row (Ashante “Thee” Adonis & Top Dolla w/ B-Fab) defeated Los Lotharios (Angel Garza and Humberto Carrillo) via a pin on Humberto Carrillo after a heavy hitter.
Match Time: 02:26

A video shows Liv Morgan’s post-match action against Lacey Evans last week. Soon after, Kayla Braxton interviewed Ronda Rousey. She describes the SmackDown Women’s Champion as a Hooters Barbie and holding a kendo stick doesn’t make anyone “hardcore”. Rousey says that she is the most dangerous woman in the world and if she has a baseball bat she will be even more dangerous.

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4. Match
singles match
Ronda Rousey defeats Natalya via submission in an ankle hold.
Match Time: 03:26

After the match, Liv Morgan walked into the ring with a baseball bat. She stares with Rousey before the brawl begins. The main focus is on which woman has her hand on the kendo stick. Several security personnel came out to stop the dispute. Rousey finally manages to throw Morgan over the crowd barrier. Rousey then leaves the arena. After Rousey retreats, Morgan manages to regain her foot and charge at Rousey again. Only after much effort can the security guards separate the two women from each other.

Backstage, Drew McIntyre, Johnny Gargano and Kevin Owens talk about tonight’s main event. Drew warns Gargano not to trust Owens. Later, Drew says that he doesn’t always get along with Owens, but they have one thing in common right now: Theory deserves a beating.

The camera follows Kevin Owens, who meets Max role model in the locker room, who has been holding his pose since his segment. Owens gives some tips to both of them before proceeding. He meets Sami Zayn backstage. The two share a smile and Owens tells his on-off friend that he needs a new shirt, pointing to the “Honorary You” shirt. Zayn shows no reaction to Owens’ statement and disappears.

Imperium (Günther, Ludwig Kaiser and Giovanni Vinci) enter the ring for a promo. Caesar says that brawling animals are an insult to him. Next week, Gunther will prove again that he is the better wrestler in a rematch against Sheamus. Vinci praises Gunther as a great champion before Gunther declares himself to be self-confident. She is prevented from entering the ring alone by Sheamus. Ridge Holland and Butch stayed in Florida because of the storm. He challenges the Imperium to a fight. Caesar and Vinci accuse the Irishman, who scolds them both. In the ring, Gunther brawls before Vinci and Caesar can recover. Gunther hits Sheamus with some chops and then hits a powerbomb. Imperium retreats until Sheamus grabs a microphone. He asks Imperium if that’s all. Heels returns to the ring and eliminates Sheamus. The segment ends with Gunther hitting the shillag.

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singles match
Bayley defeated Shotjie via pin after Rose Plant.
Match Time: 06:34

After the match, Shotzy takes another Rose Plant before Bayley finds a ladder in the ring. Before anything bad happens, Bianca saves Belair. Bailey tries to show the rose plant on the ladder, but Belair is able to stop it and she tries to KOD herself instead. Bayley manages to avoid the approach and back down.

Backstage, Max’s role model continues to pose. Maxine Dupri counted down the final 10 seconds before breaking the Canadian record. Suddenly he was attacked by Max Dupree. He says that he doesn’t want anything to do with them anymore and wonders if he ever meant anything to her.

Two matches and one segment have been announced for next week’s edition. This leads to the face-to-face segment between Roman Reigns and Logan Paul. In the ring, fans can look forward to the Ricochet vs Solo Sequoia duel and the Intercontinental Championship match between Gunther and Sheamus.

6. Match
6 man tag team match
After Claymore, Drew McIntyre, Johnny Gargano and Kevin Owens defeated Austin Theory and Alpha Academy (Chad Gable and Otis) via pin on Austin Theory.
Match Time: 09:49

After the match, McEntry grabs a thong and punches Theory. Today’s issue ends with this clear message from Karion Cross.


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