W10: Camera only recognized as removable disk on older PCs

2 people in a room?
I did this, using the short cable on the same front panel connector that the USB stick was previously plugged into. No improvements and no display in Device Manager. Under Drives, what shows up in Explorer is shown as an HD (three SSDs and one HD).

The camera does not show the MSDC indicator on the display (indicating that the camera is ‘registered’ in Explorer and shared the DCIM directory), but an hourly indicator. It automatically turns off after about 30 seconds. And now it’s getting absurd – this in turn triggers a restart of the PC!

The same thing happened to me earlier in the evening when I was trying it. At the time – to my surprise – I assumed that I had inadvertently pressed the soft reset button, which is on the other side of the USB panel. But I can certainly dismiss it a second time.

But this “experience” prompted me to exchange the USB cable.

Obviously, the only very short USB cable available to me is junk, as it doesn’t even give a working connection to PC 2. But with the cable mentioned above it works on PC 2 (again), but not on PC 1.

Unfortunately, I don’t currently have access to the two short USB cables supplied with the camera (they are 250km apart…).

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