Duchess Kate Was “Scared” During Her Portrait Shoot

Duchess Kate Was "Scared" During Her Portrait Shoot

Updated Jan 11, 2022 at 6:50 PM.

  • For Kate’s 40th birthday, the palace has published new pictures of the Duchess.
  • Photographer Paolo Roversi has now revealed in an interview that she was initially “horrified” during the shoot.

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on the occasion of 40th birthday of Duchess Kate last new pictures of wife of Prince William Posted on. Italian fashion photographer Paolo Roversi, from whom professional photographs come, said in an interview with Now Italianischen Zeitung “Coriere della Serra” Spoke to the Duchess of Cambridge about the shooting.

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That’s why Kate was “scared” at first

Accordingly, Kate was initially “afraid”: “Every day, she is shot with machine guns by photographers, but she is not used to posing. Since she knew my photos with models, she was a real She was a little intimidated by the session, which then required about four hours of work.” He then tried to allay her fear and assured her that it would be “very easy” after a short period of time.

During the shoot he tipped her to “dance a quick waltz with a pinch of rock ‘n’ roll,” Roversi revealed. At the time, Kate was already wearing an Alexander McQueen dress that reminded the photographer of a “classic ballerina.”

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William and the kids chose this picture

Roversi intended that Kate had a “look and smile” focus. “I didn’t want her to be too duchess, too establishment, but as pure and contemporary as possible,” he explains. In the end, they selected the best from about 70 snapshots. “The official photo is both mine and his favorite,” says the photographer.

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Prince William and the kids, Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, may have chosen the picture Kate smiles at the camera.
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Duchess Kate still has some surprises in her life for die-hard royal fans.

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