The fate of many other stars is certain!

Der WWE Draft 2021 geht weiter! - Bilder: (c) 2021 WWE. All Rights Reserved.
The 2021 WWE Draft is on! – Pictured: (c) 2021 WWE. All rights reserved.

This year’s WWE Draft continued on Saturday as well. Raw or Smackdown? About 20 other stars now know where they will go in the coming year! Plus, an NXT woman got a career upgrade.

This year’s WWE Draft begins on Friday on SmackDown. Above all, the squad’s top picks were announced at the event. The fate of many more stars was decided on Saturday!

Roman Reigns on SmackDown, Big E on Raw, Charlotte Flair and Drew McIntyre switched to SmackDown, Bianca Belair and Edge joined Raw: These were WWE’s first major draft decisions on Friday evening. (Read all here).

So it went on with the announcements on Saturday…

These stars belong immediately Continue to Raw

1. Nia Jaxo Will be on RAW. She is currently taking a break after Shayna Baszler’s brutal assault.

2. John Morrison Will also be on RAW.

3. drake maverick Coming to Raw from NXT. It has already been used as part of a 24/7 story over the past few weeks.

4. Current 24/7 Champion reggae Now there is also a raw talent.

5. zelina vegaReturning to WWE last July, he is moving from SmackDown to Raw. Here he should probably get a better job opportunity.

6. tozawa Lives on Raw and therefore can continue running after the 24/7 title.

7/8. Alpha Academy (Otis and Chad Gable) Switch from Smackdown to Raw.

9. R-Truth Lives on Raw and can continue striving for the 24/7 title.

10. dewdrop remains part of the Raw roster. Scott debuted at the Aer brand only in June (in favor of Eva Marie).

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1 1 tee bar Stays with RAW. However, his previous team partner makes changes to the team. More on that in a moment.

12. Apollo Crew Coming to Raw from Smackdown. Hopefully this will put an end to their feud with Shinsuke Nakamura (until he changes too).

13. Commander Azizi Also comes to Raw with the crew.

These stars belong immediately on SmackDown Continue

1. Tony Storm is not only got engaged a few days ago, but will stay with SmackDown in the future. The original New Zealander only made his debut on the show in July and has only been used sporadically since then.

2. Drew Gulaki Switch to Smackdown. Will he find much to do here?

3. bludgeon Also comes from Raw to SmackDown. As mentioned earlier, however, the T-bar is glued to the RAW. Thus the tag team is broken. It remains to be seen who will get the singles push now.

4. Mansoor Smackdown begins.

5. Mustafa AliMansoor’s current partner is also joining SmackDown. There are no hurdles in the future of this team.

From NXT to SmackDown

After Hit Row (SmackDown) and Austin Theory (Raw), the next NXT call-up has been announced!

aliyah, who was increasingly used in dark matches until recently on Raw and SmackDown, can now call himself a SmackDown Superstar.

The 28-year-old has been under contract since 2015, but has never played a major role in an NXT show.


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The draft continues on Monday on Raw.

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Here are all the draft decisions in an overview from SmackDown:

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