Queer youth open their meeting point in Hameln. NDR.de – Nachrichten – Lower Saxony

Queer youth open their meeting point in Hameln.  NDR.de - Nachrichten - Lower Saxony

Status: October 2, 2021 at 4:00 PM.

A group of queer youths have set up their own gathering place in Hameln. You want to send a clear signal to tolerance, especially in a small town.

Seeing crooked, silly remarks – especially in rural areas this is often a reality for young people who do not conform to the usual heterosexual pattern. So the new meeting point should be a kind of safe haven: “They wanted a place where they could be whatever they wanted. And other young people feel the same way,” says Karim Jothan, co-founder of Trefpunkt. The way to get there was actually quite easy: Jothan asked the city and was given a large room at the Rainbow Youth Center in Hameln.


2 minutes

Queer students often have to deal with exclusion and bullying, especially during their school days. 2 minutes

afraid of stupid things

15 young queer people now meet here once a week. One of them is Dominic Buchner: “Here in Hameln I certainly wouldn’t go to the pub holding hands or something,” he admits. He knows how people react to it – and he has no desire to do stupid things. Alyssa Helms is also familiar with such uncomfortable situations: She often preferred to use the teacher’s changing room because the other girls in her class didn’t want to accompany her — “because they were afraid I would look away from them,” as she would say. Is.

Show how diverse Hameln is

For Karim Jothan, the problem has a lot to do with the province. Smaller cities sometimes lag behind larger cities on issues of tolerance. He worries that people like him will no longer have to hide. And he wanted to show the Hamliners just how diverse his hometown is. Plus, it’s their wish that the city shows more commitment and is more present when it comes to weird issues. Jothan: “So that the matter does not flow under the table.”

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Additional Information

People dressed in colorful clothes stand in front of a stage.  © NDR Photo: Jutta Prijigoda

The motto of the first CSD in the city was: Tolerance and Acceptance through Education. The church also participated. (04.09.2021) more

NS "pillar of diversity" Stands in front of the Town Hall in Hanover.  © NDR

People of different genders can then submit wishes and demands – they are submitted to the state parliament. (08/20/2021) more

Participants stand with colored feathers on the Schützenplatz in Hanover as part of Lenia CSD (Christopher Street Day).  © dpa-buildfunk Photo: Hauke-Christian Ditricho

Participants sought greater acceptance of gender diversity and an end to discrimination. (23.05.2021) more

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