New room for daycare kids at Birch Honey Diner

New room for daycare kids at Birch Honey Diner

News from 08/05/2021

More Kindergarten Spaces Needed: To create more opportunities at short notice, a modular building is being built next to the St. It is installed directly on the site of the daycare center between the main building and the public playground.

In Birken-Hongsessen, a modular building is currently being built next to the daycare centre. (Photos: Kleesberg GmbH)

All of the Kita-Gesetz rules came into force on July 1, 2021. This includes, among other things, the legal right to continuous care of children for seven hours a day from Monday to Friday. For many cities and municipalities, building a comprehensive and time-consuming offering is a major challenge, given the already growing need for childcare locations in day-care centres.

In early March 2019, Wissen’s union decided to expand the construction of the St. Elizabeth Day Care Center in Birken-Honey Essen. There are currently about 80 children being cared for, but the need for additional spaces continues to grow. This situation may worsen with an increase in young families with children in planned new development areas.

Not an easy task for VG Wiesen’s responsible mayor Beno Neuhof, especially since the funding for the new building, which would have been received from the state and federal government, would have been far less than originally planned.

To create more daycare space in the short term, a modular building is now being built, which will be rented out for the next five years. It is installed directly on the site of the daycare center between the main building and the public playground.

greatest possible flexibility
What as a stopgap at the start? The intention was, during the planning phase has proved to be a real option. With the “ModuLine” system from Kleusberg, the municipality’s requirements on the interim building are more than met. Modular construction guarantees not only a high quality standard, but also a faster completion date than conventional buildings.

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The advantages of modular construction are evident in the layout and exterior design as well. Outwardly, the new building is not reminiscent of traditional container structures. The wooden fa├žade made of larch wood gives a lively and natural look to the building. Inside, the high-quality sanitary fittings with tiled walls and kid-friendly design are convincing. A group room and an adjoining room, a bedroom and a tea kitchen with an attached material shop are also available for a total of 207 square meters for children and caregivers.

It is already clear that the number of children to be cared for can change rapidly. Depending on the requirements, extension or customization of the floor plan is possible without any problems.

safe for the future
On 4 August the time had come: the module was delivered by truck to the construction site and assembled within a day. Interior work will take place over the next few weeks, so that in the autumn the building can be handed over to the municipality as a turnkey solution.

The physical properties of the building are in line with traditional construction. Fire, heat and noise protection meet applicable standards. If more space is required after the planned rental period of five years, there is nothing in the way of extension or purchase of the rental contract.

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