Grenchen – The city is looking for “litter sponsors” for public spaces

Grenchen - The city is looking for "litter sponsors" for public spaces


The city is seeking “litter sponsors” for public spaces

The city of Grennan is introducing a new measure against litter: From now on, space patrons must ensure clean parks, roads, playgrounds and hiking trails.

The first “Space Godmothers” at Grennan City Park.

Picture: Andreas Togweiler

To this end, the city of Grennan is looking for, among other things, clubs, school classrooms and individuals who wish to work voluntarily for a clean environment.

«Littering irritates and troubles the environment. And it can also injure animals and people, ”said Angela Kummer, who, for example, has agreed to conduct regular checks on the playground in the city park. The SP-president is together with Xenia Hediger of action (co-chairman of the Greens).

The so-called room gods take responsibility for a defined area and clean it regularly. “It can happen along a neighborhood street, at a train station, in a public green space, or at a bus station,” Coomer explains.

Work yard staff confirmed that things could look much worse along busy roads, for example. He placed a first sign in City Park to draw attention to the fact that volunteers are collecting rubbish here. These boards are to be set up at various places in the city, where volunteers are involved in action. The workshop also provides equipment (such as grippers) on loan upon request.

“Not only does Grennan city and its residents benefit from a clean environment. Schoolchildren learn, for example, the correct handling of waste, can use a space sponsorship for club team building, and environmentally conscious people can network with like-minded people, “Sandra Merck, Urban Says planning clerk and energy city coordinator.

Space sponsorship projects are already underway by several Swiss cities and municipalities. School classrooms collect rubbish on the way to school, football clubs take care of the maintenance of the sports facility or the residents cleaning around street sections or public barbecue areas.

This remedy is inexpensive, relieves cleaning service and reduces performance. “Room sponsorship is a continuation of our commitment against litter, which we launched in September with the annual Clean-up Day,” said Xenia Herder and Angela Kummer.

Wanted to sponsor the room

To cover more and more areas, Grennan is looking for people, groups and organizations who want to sponsor a venue. Everyone can volunteer as space sponsors, for example retailers, politicians, clubs, school classrooms, asylum seekers, families and individuals. With regular cleaning, they ensure that their area is litter-free.

An effective anti-lettering solution

The fact that space sponsorship projects work against lettering has been proven in a two-part study by IG Clean Environment (IGSU) and ETH Zurich on behalf of the Federal Office for the Environment (FON) in 2015 and 2016 Was done in The topic of space sponsorship. Regular maintenance makes places clean and sanitized, which increases the prohibition limit for discarding garbage lying around. This is why IGSU supports cities and municipalities in completing their own space sponsorship projects.

Volunteers sometimes can’t do much about the huge garbage dumps that accumulate in grannons (such as in freestyles) in large residential complexes every week. The problem comes from the fact that property managers have rescued on-site caretakers who were previously present and checked that everything was going well, it is said.

More information and registration And

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