Heidi Klum shared a picture of her nipple on Instagram

Heidi Klum shared a picture of her nipple on Instagram

Heidi Klum loves to show off a lot of skin on Instagram.Credit: IMAGO/ZUMA Wire

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heidi klum is open instagram a huge fan base. above one million People Follow her there and will be regularly supplied with posts. Models often give personal information about themselves Life and shares his backstage shots Work, Time and again, the 49-year-old provides her community with spicy photos. Heidi likes to wear light clothing online.

so she sat naked behind a transparent curtain or shared a clip of herself wearing red lingerie while holding a cake on her lap.

However, it was especially spicy before their Halloween party. Because here too, he showed himself without cover, he covered only the most important parts with his arm and with the help of a torch. However, it was over now. Part of her nipple can now be seen on Heidi’s latest Instagram snapshot.

Heidi Klum showed part of her breast

shown in photo Heidi Klum Now in a white body that was generously cut on top. This is the open part of her left breast. The model has released the comment and like function. But it can be assumed that even for this many hearts will fly to him. One of her Halloween photos alone, featuring her as an insect, garnered over 397,000 likes. Incidentally, she simply wrote “mood” for her latest picture, which speaks volumes about her state of mind.

However, with her latest revealing post, Heidi may have a problem instagram community guidelines To get. It said: “We know that people sometimes want to share images of nudity as an artistic or creative form of expression. However, for a number of reasons, depictions of nudity are not allowed on Instagram.”

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And further: “It also includes some photographs of female nipples, but also photographs in health-related contexts (e.g. after a mastectomy, about breast cancer, in the context of breastfeeding, childbirth and the moments after) to raise awareness or during gender reassignment surgery) or a protest action is permitted.” Now it has to be seen how strict the social media platform is about Heidi’s picture. In any case, the picture has already been online for several hours.

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