Childhood photo shows him in a bathing suit

Childhood photo shows him in a bathing suit

Bill Kaulitz has always been fond of extravagance. It even goes back to childhood. One photo shows the then four-year-old Tokyo Hotel singer in a pink swimsuit.

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with band Tokio Hotel and became hits such as “Durch den monsen” or “Schrei”. bill kaulitz For teen swarm and star. His trademark to this day is his bisexual behavior. He rarely speaks about his sexuality, but admits to having experience with his gender. As part of the so-called “Pride Month”, the singer is now sharing a picture from his childhood, in which he is seen in a pink swimsuit. Brother-in-law sample Heidi Klum An important message.

And it reads: “Nothing is more difficult than being yourself,” says the 31-year-old below instagram-Post. He even tells his fans: “Dare!” Apart from the roll call, the singer also reveals the background of this old snapshot.

Heidi Klum is excited about the picture

“By the way, I am when I was four years old. At that time I decided to wear my friend Katharina’s pink swimsuit and she was so much better than the other boys. So my mom gave me a break too.” The day continues in the swimming pool. He also uses the hashtag “If you were born to stand out then try not to be let down”.

Nearly 70,000 fans marked the childhood picture with a like. Among other things, Bill’s twin brother’s wife Heidi Klum is possessed. Tom Kaulitz, commented on the post and wrote: “This is my all-time favorite photo of you! I appreciate Mama Kaulitz!”

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