ESC winner Nicole makes cancer public

ESC winner Nicole makes cancer public

In 1982, at the age of 17, Nicole became the first German to win the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Inbit Frieden”. The singer has been quiet for some time. Now she has revealed that she has cancer.

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singer Nicole is Breast Cancer, The 57-year-old explained this on his Instagram page. The musician, whose real name is Nicole Seibert, also shared a picture with her fans that shows her with short hair.

nicole with short hair

“Only those who pass through deep gorges know how high the sun is,” Nicole begins a lengthy post in which she reports of her illness. Cancer was diagnosed in December 2020. “I realized in no uncertain terms that the path I had to take was going to be extremely rocky and difficult.” But she had to start this journey, there was no choice.

“A long, dark valley opened up before me,” Nicole continues, explaining that “some people who knew about this journey” kept it to themselves at his request. She didn’t want mercy. The fact that nothing about his illness was actually made public borders on a miracle for him.

“Now I’m finally on the top”

Nicole continues: “After 16 months, marked by fear and doubt, but also hope and confidence, I am finally at the peak.” There is a long dry spell behind her, she is grateful for her loved ones who supported her during this time. “Without you, I would still be on the road or I would be lost.” Quietly, determined and infinitely proud, Nicole now tells herself: “Girl, you did it!”

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In a way, she credits the fact that cancer was discovered because of the coronavirus pandemic, says Nicole “Build”. Indeed, she and her husband wanted to fly to Cape Town in December 2020, but: “Then we decided to stay home, to renovate our house, to take postponed doctor’s appointments.”

“that was tough”

Two malignant tumors were found in her right breast that were “small but aggressive”. Nicole had surgery. Her chemotherapy began in January 2021, after which she underwent radiation and lost her hair.

Nicole at the Grand Prix in 1982: At that time she won the competition for Germany. (Source: Imago/United Archives)

“All my life I wore only long hair and suddenly I was bald. That was tough,” recalls the musician. After shaving her hair, she was wearing a wig. She now shows herself with her hair again on Instagram photos.

40 years ago, the then 17-year-old Nicole won “A Little Peace.” ESC, which was then called the “Grand Prix Eurovision de la Chanson”. Since then, the pop singer has released almost 30 albums and sold millions of records.

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