Frédéric von Anhalt Zsa Zsa Gabor – People . planning to make a cinema film about

Frédéric von Anhalt Zsa Zsa Gabor - People .  planning to make a cinema film about

He wants to set up a cinematic monument for his glam wife!

In May, Friedrich Prinz von Anhalt (79) opened a museum in the Hungarian capital Budapest for his wife Zsa Zsa Gabor (†99), who died in 2016. In the birthplace of the Hollywood diva, the actress is revered as a national icon.

Now a feature film about Zsa Zsa Gabor is to be made at the famous Origo Studios Budapest – with the help of Frédéric as a consultant. The million dollar project is financed by the National Film Fund of Hungary. The script is already in progress.

Prince Frederick to Build: “Hungarians definitely want a real Hollywood star for the leading role. My view is that Amber Heard should embody Zsa Zsa. She not only looks like him, she has a boisterous disposition and the same cheeky The muzzle is.”

Actress Amber Heard not only bears a visual resemblance to Zsa Zsa GaborPhoto: AP

Amber Heard’s (36) image has been tarnished in recent weeks as a result of a court dispute with her ex-husband Johnny Depp (59). The actress lost the case. As a result, his star in Hollywood fell drastically.

Frédéric: “For Amber, a movie about Zsa Zsa could mean her big return to Hollywood. It would be foolish to turn down that offer.”

Frédéric has an idea for the very young Zsa Zsa as a student.

Prince: “I have for the role Luna Schweiger Required. She looks like a 20 year old Zsa Zsa! And you also have to do a little something for the family…”

Luna Scheiger Young Zsa Zsa.  looks like

Luna Schweiger is largely young Zsa Zsa. look likePhoto: BrauerPhotos/J.Reetz

Luna is the daughter of film star Till Schweiger (58) and is in a relationship with Frederick’s adopted son Kevin von Anhalt (28).

Heard and Schweiger are said to have been allowed to wear Zsa Zsa’s original clothes in the film. Frédéric: “I’m providing 32 glamorous gowns for the film that I haven’t sold at the last auction.”

Who will play Frederick in the film? “I have no idea at all. I think I’m so unique…”

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