No approval from the Greens? Confusion over 100 billion package for Bundeswehr – Domestic Politics

No approval from the Greens?  Confusion over 100 billion package for Bundeswehr - Domestic Politics

After weeks of wrangling, the Coalition and the Union are clearly clearing their differences over the new Arabs for the Bundeswehr. Accelerate the procurement of arms before the summer break.

However, there is confusion about the agreement itself!

Because: According to the information of BILD, Foreign Minister Annalena Berbock left the talks at around 10:00 pm. agreement with the union Coordinating with the Greens.

You have the mandate for a deal, Barrock said, you only need half an hour to vote. After that, according to the interlocutors, nothing more was heard from him.

The Federal Ministry of Finance then publishes the first notification of an agreement.

Even when the message was officially released from the federal finance ministry that they had agreed $100 billion for the Bundeswehr, there was no response from the Greens.

In the union, according to the information of BILD, it is therefore believed that the settlement agreement will run “100 billion for the Bundeswehr”.

They have also agreed on a two percent target for defense spending, a repayment plan and the participation of the Bundestag.

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner is to provide additional funding for cyber defense beyond the Bundeswehr.

Shortly after midnight, it was still not entirely clear to the negotiators involved what and what changes the Greens still wanted.

Lindner: Two goals have been achieved

Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP), in whose ministry the talks took place, told the German Press Agency that from his approach two goals were achieved:

“First, we are consolidating the Bundeswehr into a one-time financial effort,” Lindner said. “Second, we ensure solid public finance while maintaining the debt break of the basic law.”

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Anchoring it in the constitution emphasizes the “special extraordinary character” for the Bundeswehr. This is necessary to deal with inflation.

The union in the Bundestag also welcomed the agreement. “100 billion will flow entirely into the Bundeswehr. From our point of view, this is the key point, ”said the union housekeeper Mathias Middleberg of the German Press Agency.

Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) announced special funding and compliance with the so-called two percent target on February 27 in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. The special fund is to be anchored in the substantive law as to get the loan out of the way of the loan break. Therefore, a two-thirds majority is needed in the Bundestag and the Bundesrat – and thus the participation of parts of the opposition.

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