New cabin product Allegris: Lufthansa brings first class in economy and suites in sleeping rows

New cabin product Allegris: Lufthansa brings first class in economy and suites in sleeping rows

The German airline introduces a new long-haul cabin with a first row of suites in First Class and Business Class. Not only do new aircraft get a product called Allegris.

Lufthansa launched its long-awaited product offensive and introduced a new cabin product on long-haul routes. Name: Alegris. For the first time in Lufthansa’s history, FristClass is getting suits that can be taken off.

The private areas with floor-to-ceiling walls have a separate wardrobe and a dining table that can accommodate a second person. The screen spans the full width of the suit, the airline announced on Friday (14 October).

What’s changing in economy class

There are also suites in the first row of business class, each with their own wardrobe and 27-inch monitors. There are further seating options, all with direct aisle access and a 17-inch screen.

In the future, passengers will be able to book seats in the first rows in economy class, which has a higher seat pitch and offers additional comfort. Lufthansa also plans to introduce the so-called sleeper row on all long-haul flights. A passenger gets a full row of seats for himself.

Boeing 747-8s are also being converted

the airline has The concept has already been tested, but now promises: “By folding down a foot rest and thanks to an extra mattress, passengers can rest and sleep even better in economy class on a bed surface that’s 40 percent lower than the original Sleeper Row is big.” There will also be an option to book a free seat next to you in economy class.

Lufthansa Group’s new premium economy class spring 2022 . was launched in Introduced in Swiss, More than 100 new aircraft from the group, such as the Boeing 787-9, Airbus A350 and Boeing 777-9, will be equipped with the Allegri offer. In addition, Lufthansa aircraft that are already in use, such as Boeing 747-8 converted.

First Dreamliner with a State Cabin

The first Boeing 787-9 that Lufthansa has already receivedAlso the next quad is not yet a new Allegris product, but a Adapted cabin from the originally planned operator Hainan Airlines, Four Airbus A350s also have neither old nor new Lufthansa products, but one customized philippine airlines cabin,

When asked whether Lufthansa, along with the already announced product offensive at the time, fifth skytrax star CEO Carsten Spohr said in August that he would like to “keep” the highest rating. However, the requirements of a private airline may not be met in Europe. In any case, they want to renegotiate the premium claim, “with or without a fifth star,” Spohr says.

In the image gallery above, you can see what the Allegris cabin will look like.

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