Giant python swallows woman whole – search team finds missing man in reptile’s stomach

Reticulated python (Python reticulatus): Police found a missing person's body in a python - here's a reticulated python (symbolic photo) in the photo.
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Brutal search in Indonesia: police found the body of a missing person in a python – here in the photo is a reticulated python (symbolic photo). © Andrew McLachlan / Imageo

Emergency services in Indonesia searched for a missing woman for two days. Then they found a 52-year-old giant snake dead in its stomach.

Jakarta – A woman did not return home from work in a rubber plantation on Sunday afternoon. Her husband immediately raised the alarm and began to find out how CNN Indonesia informed of. Her husband discovered his wife’s sandals, a headscarf and a knife in a rubber plantation. However, the woman had disappeared without a trace. After this, a search operation was started with 300 villagers.

Indonesia: Search team finds python with severely bloated stomach

The next morning, the search team encountered a severely inflated snake. “During the search, the team found a giant 7-metre-long python, which we suspected was chasing the prey,” a police spokesman said in a statement later. local media to report. The snake was caught and then killed. The search team cut the stomach of the reptile. The remains of the missing were found there. It is being told that there was no injury on the body of the woman.

Search for missing woman: Rescue team cut open python

“The victim’s body was not destroyed when we found her in line, which means she was swallowed whole recently,” police said. The incident that took place on the island of Sumatra near the village of Betara in Jambi province of Indonesia has shocked people. It is said that this agony of the woman lasted for two hours. It sounds cruel. The python suffocates its prey and then swallows it whole. The reptile grabs its prey in its teeth and moves around it until it can no longer breathe.

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python swallows its prey whole

Pythons are generally more likely to eat smaller animals such as birds or monkeys. According to reports, wild boars have already been found in the reticulated python. It is unusual for a giant python to eat a human. However, the media reported a similar brutal incident in Indonesia in 2021. A A housewife (54) was killed by an eight meter snake on Muna Island. ate(ml)

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