Iran: Provoking Mullah Regime: US Sea Fire Warning Shots – Foreign Policy

Iran: Provoking Mullah Regime: US Sea Fire Warning Shots - Foreign Policy

The system of Mullah rule!

In an incident in the Persian Gulf, a US Navy patrol boat fired warning shots to intercept the Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s speedboats.

The Navy announced on Tuesday that three speedboats from the Revolutionary Guard approached two American patrol boats “Firebolt” and “Baronoff” early and “with unknown intent” around 8pm on Monday.

Despite several warnings over radio and loudspeakers, the speedboats maintained their course and approached within about 60 meters. The crew of the “firebolt” then fired warning shots, which led to the withdrawal of the Iranian boats. “America is not an attacker,” Sandesh said. However, the armed forces are trained to defend effectively when necessary.

Two US ships were on a routine operation in international waters on Monday.

Frequent incidents occur between the Mullah regime and international ships in the Persian Gulf and particularly in the Strait of Hormuz.

Until it was not until January 2021 that Iranian Revolutionary Guards attacked the South Korean tanker “MT Hanuk Chemi”. One was to “inspect” the ship by radio, according to the Iranian commander, while the 146-meter-long tanker was being harassed by sea and air. When asked by the South Korean captain, there was no answer.

Iran filmed the attack on a South Korean ship from several perspectives, and state television then aired the images.

A In July 2019, Iranian soldiers hijacked a British oil tanker (“Stena Impo”) and even attempted to mortgage a British naval ship (“HMS Montrose”). A month ago there were two mysterious attacks on oil tankers.

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