Medical education in school increases readiness for HPV vaccination

Medical education in school increases readiness for HPV vaccination

New-Isenberg. How can HPV vaccination motivation be increased in children and adolescents, but especially in their parents? The Medical Society for Health Promotion (ÄGGF) explored the approach in four projects carried out in schools between 2017 and 2021. In Current Epidemiological Bulletin The findings of the Robert Koch Institute are summarized here.

Above all, medical information proposals in the school setting made an “essential” contribution to education about HPV and HPV vaccination, writes the OGGF in the summary. Motivation for vaccination can be greatly increased if doctors provide information on school events. Physicians’ credibility helps to impart knowledge and refute false knowledge. However, such an approach requires a lot of voluntary commitment. There is also a need for continued funding from prevention projects.

To evaluate HPV projects, OGGF conducted 8,000 events with approximately 270,000 participants. They are aimed at students, parents and teachers. In the events, the target groups’ respective level of knowledge and increase in knowledge as well as acceptance of the Medical Information Hour method were also measured. (Sam)

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