“Lion’s Cave” – ​​Dummel: Announcement to Grandma: “You don’t have any shares from now on!” , Entertainment

"Lion's Cave" - ​​Dummel: Announcement to Grandma: "You don't have any shares from now on!"  ,  Entertainment

Dummel’s announcement to the grandmother of the young founder ,

“Dear Grandma, your company is gone”

From the school desk to the executive floor!

These people don’t have to worry about what to do after graduation: students Johannes Baumgaard (19) and Valentin Studet (19) showed their sovereignty on the investment show “Die Hohle der Löwen” on Monday evenings. Made a powerful impression with the performance. Vocal).

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And they both did their homework! When they went to school in the morning, Johannes and Valentin worked on their “NextFolder” in the afternoon.

They had been working on an update to the simple ring binder since the sixth grade. His problem: “Rings of hard metal make it nearly impossible to write comfortably in the binder. The rings just get in the way.”

So both replaced the metal on home 3D printers with flexible plastic rings that can give way while writing.

Above all, tech investor Carsten Mashmeyer (63) raved about the young entrepreneurs, excited: “I think the way you present it is impressive.” And further: “I believe you make many students, teachers and parents alike happy that you are successful. But I am not the right investor for school supplies.”

Valentin Studte (left) and Johannes Baumgaard present their innovative exercise book

Photo: RTL / Bernd-Michael Maurer

Stupid: Nils Glagau (46) also got out with Mashmeyer, although the founders also inspired him. Your product, on the other hand, didn’t reassure him as much – and he wasn’t alone. While all the lions were thoroughly impressed by the young entrepreneurs’ pitch, most did not want to make any money.

From the first second only one had sharpened the pencil: investor Ralph Dummel (55). But when he asked what the structure of the company behind “Next Folder” looked like, he got an answer that surprised even a seasoned entrepreneur like him. Since the students were both minors when the company was founded, they were not yet allowed to sign any contracts.

Valentin: “My grandmother still owns 100 percent of the shares.”

“Lion’s Cave” juror Dagmar Vohrli “We women have a lot to do”

Source: Image


Dummel Deal With Grandma’s Announcement!

Dummel: “I think your idea is really cool and now I have to look into the camera and say: ‘Dear Grandma, your company is gone. From now on you don’t have any more shares!”

With a jury rating of 1 asterisk, deal filed – Dummel accepted the offer of both. He got 30 percent of the company’s shares for 80,000 euros.

Valentin sighed after the pitch: “The suspense curve kept rising. One by one the lions praised us, but left. And then Ralph, the contract – our dream lion, who fits!”

BILD KNOWS: The deal happened after the show — and not only that: Both founders have now successfully completed their Abitur and are even dedicating themselves to other products.

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