Prince Harry: Ruthlessly, he feels his status as a former royal

Prince Harry: Ruthlessly, he feels his status as a former royal

Prince Harry (36) gets the result of “megxit”, so his and Duchess Meghans (39) The withdrawal from the British royal family, felt down to the last detail. In her mother’s original clothes, at an exhibition at Kensington Palace Lady Diana († 36) Presents, according to the “Guardian” a sign has to be exchanged as Harry still deserves “Royal Highness” over it.

harry and his brother Prince William (38) had provided two Diana dresses, including her famous wedding dress, for an exhibition entitled “Royal Style in the Making”. The pieces were therefore labeled as being on loan from “His Royal Highness the Duke of Cambridge and His Royal Highness the Duke of Sussex”. Problem: Since “Megxit” Harry is no longer officially allowed to call himself “Royal Highness”.

Administrative error “deprives” Harry of royal title

An exhibition spokesperson explained the sign replacement: “Due to an administrative error for which the Royal Collection Trust was responsible, the labels were incorrect and will be updated.” Even at a small hint, Harry will now have to settle with his new role as former royal.

The British are outraged and demand that Harry and Meghan surrender their titles. Which no one doubts: that’s what could make the Duchess a princess! Learn more in the video below!

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