Mail Order Company Perl Reports “Hacker Attack”

Mail Order Company Perl Reports "Hacker Attack"

Pearl is considered a successful German mail order company for all kinds of odds and ends. The site is not available to the customers for the past few days. The company reported a hacker attack.

Mail order company Pearl’s webshop was unavailable on weekends and Mondays. According to Perl, the reason for this is a “hacker attackThe company wrote in a press release on Monday.

According to the company, on Saturday, June 5, “IT system Pearl. GmbH was attacked by hackers who have gained access to virtual servers and machines. “Pearl, according to its own statements, “immediately and as a precaution, blocked all access, disconnected network access, and shut down servers and systems to prevent further damage.” “

Unknown people are said to have not stolen any data in the attack. There should also be no access to customer data. Pearl is also said to have filed a criminal complaint. According to Pearl, anyone who wants to order goods from a mail order business should do so on the company’s eBay or Amazon site, by email or by phone. The Flip Catalog is also available online.


attack type unknown

As of Tuesday, the website is available again. However, for many products, an error message still appears. It is not known whether it is related to the attack. T-Online has made a press request to Pearl on the subject. The statement will be added to the text as it becomes available.

Pearl is silent as to what kind of attack it was. Such cases are often so called ransomware attacks. encrypt at the same time criminals important files. The companies will have to pay a ransom to release them again. The criminals also threaten to sell the files if the company does not pay. The current example of similar attacks is the attack Colonial Pipeline in Den USA or . On Media group Madsack in Germany.

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Perl was founded in 1989 and initially sold software such as user programs and games. Since the mid-90s, the company has also been selling electronic equipment such as household items and gadgets of all kinds. Pearl primarily sells its own brands.

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