Marcel Remus: hospitalized with heart ailment

Marcel Remus: hospitalized with heart ailment

Worrying about Marcel Remus (35)!

Known for his always good-humored “hola, hola, hola” ritual every morning, Malle the celebrity broker has been admitted to one of Mallorca’s Juaneda hospitals with heart problems, according to his Instagram Story.

While he started the day with a “complete strangulation and assault” – as Remus used to call it – he reported from the hospital a few hours later.

Marcel Remus himself reported the attack from the hospital on InstagramPhoto: @marcel.remus/instagram

Remus writes that he was admitted straight from the emergency room. His heart was examined for several hours.

In his Instagram story, Remus explains clearly pale and upset: “And that’s exactly what people always tell you, you should take good care of yourself and think that doesn’t happen to you, and then you suddenly lie there.” So I tell you, take care, it can happen faster than you think.”

Remus further explains that he will have to stay in the hospital that night and that further tests will be done that night.

When Remus says “toh kal nahi hola, hola, hola”, the otherwise cheerful pimp bursts into tears. The 35-year-old admits that he has just finished with his nerves and stresses that at the end of the day, all is useless if you run for your life and end up in the hospital. He hopes that tomorrow everything will be fine.

Instead of “place, location, location”, Dalal emphasizes at the end of his story: “Health, health, health is everything!”

Otherwise Cheerful TV Star Is Too Emotional

Otherwise Cheerful TV Star Is Too EmotionalPhoto: @marcel.remus/instagram

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