Singer confesses to a lie that’s been going on for years

Singer confesses to a lie that's been going on for years


11. August 2021 – 19:45 Watch

Mood singer Jurgen Druze confesses to a lie that’s been going on for years

We thought we knew the mood singers Jurgen Druze (76). But now he’s opening up that he’s been fooling us for years. Because he was not always honest when it came to age. Is the “King of Mallorca” obsessed with vanity?

it’s a question of age

is a father of 76 years (or younger) Joelina Drew (25) In the meantime. There’s no need to be shy – right? In his podcast “The King’s New Podcast,” Jurgen revealed that he cheated on old age for years. It’s about three years. He was born in 1945. However, in his short biography it was stated that he was born in 1948. a quickie? Absolutely not. Got all counted. However, Jurgen’s nonsense did not budge.

This is how Jurgen Drew sees his manager today

According to the musician, the psychic father of the old age thug at Druze House is this man: Michael Conrad. After initially refusing to hire a manager, Jurgen did so anyway. According to him, Michael had to write a biography at that time and he deliberately cheated the age. So he made his client three years younger.

“It’s not much, but you can still use three years. A lot of people look at age,” Michael supposedly advised Jurgen at the time. Then he grumbled to justify the lie and did not want to defame the manager.

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In the end it is said that the cooperation failed because of the lie. The singer’s conclusion is even more surprising. “I should have stayed with him,” Jurgen looks back. And for the subject of age: Recently the star got the impression that he is slowly becoming neurotic.

In video: Jurgen fears dementia

Luckily it was just a false positive. And he is young at heart anyway, three years or not. (we)

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