Roland Kaiser: ‘Kaisermania’ begins in Dresden and ends with a bang

Roland Kaiser: 'Kaisermania' begins in Dresden and ends with a bang

Roland Kaiser: ‘Kaisermania’ begins in Dresden – concert ends with a bang

08/02/2022 06:16

Roland Kaiser, Andrea Berg & Co: Millions of People Dance to Their Pop Hits

Roland Kaiser, Andrea Berg & Co: Millions of People Dance to Their Pop Hits

Schlager fans can sleepily sing along to his music. We present some of the biggest German Schlager stars.

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Dresden – A city celebrates its emperor. It was a Friday afternoon, the sun set on the dry bank of the Elbe. but hard core, roland kaiser-Ultra, if you will, didn’t feel like it. They stood. Waited in summer. To your Roland Kaiser.

“I always find it exciting and thrilling that people are going to try these. It humbles me,” Roland Kaiser told this editorial team shortly before the first six Kaisermania concerts this year, which completely sold out. Were gone. It was taken from him immediately. It’s been three years roland kaiser Will have to wait for that day.

Roland Kaiser celebrates the opening of Kaisermania in Dresden

And this modesty, about which the 70-year-old now speaks, was noticeable even during concerts with every note. From the outset, Kaiser kept his musicians in the foreground, when he returned to his favorite place of work he kept mentioning the names of the ladies and gentlemen who supported him on stage and thanked him from the bottom of his heart.

A real team, with fans on the banks of the Elbe in Dresden, merged into one during a two and a half hour concert. You almost heard fans more than Caesars himself, with songs like “Joanna” or “I feel like it’s going on again” in the second song of the evening.


This is “Kaisermania” 2022:

  • This year Roland Kaiser is playing six “Kaisermania” concerts
  • 70,000 tickets sold
  • The concerts take place as part of the Dresden “Film Nights on the Albufer”.
  • Three concerts left: August 4, 5 and August 6, 2022


But he managed to create an atmosphere that was almost indescribable even without a very loud sound. Perhaps because the environment also played its part. While the Frauenkirche in the background was slowly sinking into darkness from the setting sun, the Kaiser immersed his fans in collective joy.

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Roland Kaiser: His concert in Dresden ends with a bang

“Everything You Want”, “Checkmate”, “Extreme”, “Tell Me When” or the Willie Nelson classic “To All the Girls I’ve Loved Before”, sung by Kaiser with his band member William King. The man always in the elegant blue suit left his fans in rejoicing. An ecstasy that was to end with a bang and it did.


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Sharp at 10:30, the Rocket headed in the direction of the summer sky in Dresden, while the Kaiser quietly, almost sadly, finished the farewell song “Bis zum Gemin Mal” with his audience. It was a promise. from both sides.

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