Battlefield 6 is called “2042” and will receive beta this month •

Battlefield 6 is called "2042" and will receive beta this month •

Game Description Leaked.

  • Battlefield 6 is called “2042”
  • It should have fairly large maps and 64vs64 mode
  • The information comes from a user of leaker Tom Henderson’s Discord server

Reddit makes this possible. After images and video of the new title in the long Battlefield series have already been leaked, more details will appear shortly before the June 9 launch.

These alleged descriptions of the game were shared by leaker Tom Henderson, a user on Discord, and later reddit were uploaded, it is said that Battlefield 6 would be renamed “2042”, a hundred years after the original Battlefield 1942, but much earlier than Battlefield 2142.

A professional mechanic should allow players to have one specialist in the team with unique skills and gadgets per class. So there must be some medicine which can shoot the healing arrow.

It is claimed that squads in the new battlefield will be able to summon vehicles and exchange various attachments – such as red dot and telescopic sight.

In addition, Battlefield 2042 will support 64-on-64 matches on “the largest map in Battlefield history.” On these very large maps, teams can permanently occupy so-called “sectors”, which themselves need to be as large as an average battlefield map. In a post on Reddit, a card called “Shelf” was mentioned – this is what squads are supposed to fight in frosty Antarctica.

The reversal and return of tornado and cyclone weather events should also be planned within matches. Wingsuits, grappling hooks and zip lines should also be part of the new title to get your team up to speed on the highgrounds.

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Although Battlefield 2042 is also planned for Xbox One and PS4, there will reportedly be no cross-gen play at the time of release. According to the report, the beta phase should happen this month.

die ea hat official presentation of the game scheduled for 4:00 PM German time on 9 June. picture– and video content Leaked in late May.

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