The new WhatsApp function is in the starting block

The new WhatsApp function is in the starting block

Use the same account on multiple devices. It has been on the wish list of WhatsApp users for a long time. Developers are now hinting at a feature in the current beta version of the Messenger tool.

according to this WABetaInfo WhatsApp is currently working on a beta version that will allow use on multiple devices. The company has already developed a suitable foundation for this. An option in the WhatsApp web function should be able to connect directly to other devices.

about New user interface TECHBOOK had already reported. WABetaInfo now has information and images indicating that WhatsApp is working on providing a beta version with multiple uses for testers. The version is not available yet, but since the user interface is already there, it can be played soon.

Currently only through browser

So you can currently use WhatsApp as a “Whatsapp-web” only through a browser on another device. A connected main device is required, ie typically a smartphone. The browser and the main app are then synchronized, with Messenger data being sent via a smartphone, thus enabling usage on two devices.

Use multiple devices on whatsapp

If the test in the beta version is successful, it has nothing to use on many devices. Unfortunately, there is still no official confirmation for widespread use of the facility. In a positive situation, users, for example, look forward to simultaneous use of multiple smartphones.

The rumor mill was already operational in May of last year in terms of multi-device use. Initially, other devices were supposed to be in the same WLAN, but the latest indications suggest that the various application options are completely independent.

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Finally, confusion about WhatsApp

In the social network, several WhatsApp users recently announced that they would no longer use the service from 8 February. The reason for this is the update of the terms of use and data protection guidelines. Reports said that it would take a lot of user data directly to Facebook. However, it is clear that this is not possible in the European Union. Data protection legislation in the European Union and thus in Germany also makes such exchange impossible.

This will be possible in the USA in the future. Tesla boss Elon Musk now recommended using messenger signals.

Also interesting: From 8 February, a lot of WhatsApp data will expire directly on Facebook – but not in the EU

In terms of ease of use, the multi-device support feature is good news. No release date is known yet, but users are already eager to integrate multiple devices.

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