NIS Classics Vol. Nintendo Switch will appear on • Nintendo Connect on September 1

NIS Classics Vol.  Nintendo Switch will appear on • Nintendo Connect on September 1

Princi presents NIS Classic Volume 1 Open in North America on August 31, 2021, in Europe on September 3, 2021, and in Oceania on September 10, 2021 Nintendo Switch be released. In this double pack they hide Phantom Brave: The Harmuda Triangle Remastered, To Shown in the announcement trailer Was and Sol nomads and world eaters.

Sol nomads and world eaters According to the current press release, it will also appear in Steam as an independent title and will appear there on 31 August 2021.

As the first release since the beginning of 2007, this long-liked title paves a new path to glory on modern platforms.

This is the first installment in the quintessential strategy RPG lovers collection that includes two games in one box! With 60 hours of playing time, a special physical deluxe edition with CD soundtrack and art book (with music and art from both titles), established fans are able to completely redefine their favorites with this bundle While new players can immerse themselves in these, the classics missed the first time for the first time.


Endless adventure: Two exciting strategy RPG classics come together in one collection and offer new and old players an exciting and long-lasting gaming experience they can experience on the go.

The World Eaters Return: With the first (re) release of Soul Nomad since its debut in 2007, gamers can pave their way to experience the deep gameplay and compelling story of the original game on a modern platform.

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Phantom Brave … complete! Phantom Brave features exploration adventures, memorable characters and tactical gameplay of all the islands, which players loved in the original with all the content from previous versions!

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